Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions form the essential part of the travel contract between the passenger and travel organizer “Eldorado Travel” and represent an obligation for both parties, exept if defined differently by written contract or travel program, so please introduce yourself to them thoroughly and with much attention.

A client can book a program organized by “Eldorado Travel” at any branch of the mentioned company, or any other agency with whom “Eldorado Travel” has a contract. The application becomes valid when confirmed by the reservation department with an obligatory written contract signed by both parties. By signing the contract the passenger confirms receiving all the basic terms and conditions, travel program, that all form part of the travel contract and that he has become familiar to them (as well as all other mentioned passengers) and that he (as well as all other mentioned passengers) has agreed to them. If any changes occur the organizer is obligated to inform the passenger who is obligated to confirm or deny the new offer within 2 days of receiving the notification. When applying for a program the passenger is required to pay 50% of the total price in advance, except if something else is defined by the travel program, and the rest of the total price should be paid latest 21 days before the travel, except if defined differently in the travel program.

If the passenger does not make the full payment before the date defined by the travel program or these terms and conditions the reservation is considered as canceled.

The travel contract represents a legal act towards not only the passenger who agreed and signed it but to all other individuals mentioned in the contract enjoying travel services of “Eldorado Travel”, which means that payment, cancelation and other legal terms apply for all the mentioned passengers.

The passenger is responsible for any damage done to the organizer or third parties by violating the mentioned legal or administrative rules and regulations.

The cost of the program is defined by the pricelist valid on the day of contract signing, except in special cases stipulated by law (such as course change or change in transport tariff), when the organizer can raise the price of the program. The passenger is obligated to take care of his travel documents and if there is any doubt contact the authorities in charge. In order to be able to travel abroad the passenger must posses a passport valid for at least 6 months after his travel date. Representatives of the agency (travel organizers, subagents etc) are not required to determine whether the passport or other travel documents of their clients are valid.

The passenger is also required to, on request, supply the organizer with all documents and data necessary for the organization of the travel, especially for acquiring visas, transport tickets, making reservations for accommodation etc. otherwise the reservation will be considered as canceled. The organizer does not guarantee that the applicants will get the requested visa and is not responsible for the accuracy of the documents in the visa, or for possible mistakes made by the embassy or a third party that could influence the process of getting the visa.

If the data given to the organizer does not match the one on the passport could result in writing a new plane ticket, or even declaring the ticket as irregular, in which case the passenger bears all the costs.

An invalid travel document can results in the inability of program realization due to the ban on the passenger to enter, transit or further stay in a country by boarder or other authorities in charge, and that is a situation beyond the agencies’ reach, so you are kindly asked to keep this in mind. The passenger is obligated to take care of his travel documents during the program, so if he loses any of his travel documents or they get stolen he is obligated to acquire a new one on his own expense and is responsible for all the consequences.

Transport of passengers by plan is regulated by the international rules and regulations as well as the rules and regulations of the airline who is organizing the flight. Traveling by regular flights include transportation in economy class. The agency has no influence to the airline timetable so it is not responsible if one or more regular or charter flights are delayed, it is also not responsible for the potential consequences those delays (due to safety reasons, permissions for the flight, weather, technical difficulties and similar) may cause.

The passenger is required to act with care when passing the usual procedures at airports, so that he can board the plane on time, following the instructions and warnings the airline announces before the flight, because lack of care can result in the passenger missing the flight, not boarding the plane, going to the wrong gate or simply being late. All above mentioned refers to all other means of transportation as well.

The cost of airport taxes and flight tickets is subject to change, and is set by the airline, the important one is the one of the day of the flight, which means that if the passenger refuses to pay the difference in price it is considered as if he has given up from the travel. Transfers by bus are organized with standard touristic buses according to the rules and criteria that apply in the country in which the transporter chosen by the tour organize, is registrated.

Please note that any refund for partially used tickets is always less than pro-rata rate. Refunds usually take 10-12 weeks to process, but in some cases may take longer. Tickets returned more than one year from their date of issue are classed as expired by the airline and generally have no refund value at all. We recommend that tickets being sent to us for a refund are brought in person or sent by recorded courier.

The tour organizer can cancel the tour partially or completely, in case of extraordinary circumstances that could not have been foreseen, or avoided, and that would if happened in time of the program announcement, be reason enough for it not to be published and for the agency not to accept any payments. If the travel is canceled due to such justified reasons, the organizer is entitled to compensation for services actually rendered.

The organizer is authorized to cancel the tour due to an insufficient number of registered passengers, according to the travel program, and is obligated to inform the passengers in time, no later than 5 days before scheduled departure, and will make a complete refund, with no delays, and latest within 8 days of the date of cancelation. In case of complete cancelation the organizer will offer an alternative travel program for the same of for a different destination, for which the passenger is required to inform the agency within 24 h whether he accepts or declines the offer, in which case the parties will govern their relations by contract. If the travel is canceled due to justified reasons, the organizer is entitled to compensation for services actually rendered.

The passenger has the right to withdraw from the travel, of which he is required to inform the tour organizer in writing. The date of the written cancelation is the basis for the calculation of the refund that, according to law, belongs to the organizer, expressed as percentage of the total travel cost, and valid only if the travel program does not say otherwise:

  • 5% if you cancel the trip to 45 days before the trip (timely notice)
  • 10% if the trip is canceled between 44 and 30 before the trip,
  • 20% if you cancel 29 to 20 days before traveling,
  • 40% if you cancel 19 to 15 days before traveling,
  • 80% if canceled 14 to 10 days before traveling,
  • 90% if you cancel 9 to 6 days prior to traveling,
  • 100% if you cancel 5 to 0 days prior to travel or during the travel itself.

Please review our children discount policy, as well as all other benefits provided by the travel program. These conditions are determined by the hotels and should be interpreted restrictively (which means that if for example the discount refers to children under 2 years old, the date when the child will reach 2 years is the one that counts in the moment of traveling and nothing more than that).

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