The city was founded in the early 20th century, and since the 1980s has been continually enlarged by Egyptian and foreign investors. Hurghada stretches for about 55 kilometers along the seashore, and it does not reach far into the surrounding desert. Today it counts about 35 thousand inhabitants and is divided in three parts different by age and looks: Downtown (El Dahar) is the oldest part of the town and it situates Hurghada’s biggest bazaar, the post office and the long-distance bus station. Sakalla is a little younger and a modest hotel quarter, while the youngest and the most modern part is El Memsha (Village road), which contains numerous luxury hotels as well as a long walking area with shops and cafes. Hurghada is an attraction for tourists from all over the world and has over the years become the leading seashore resort of the Red Sea.

Hurghada is an international center for aquatic sports like windsurfing, kiting, sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming and snorkeling. It is well known for providing access for many uninhabited islands and reefs that can provide you a feeling of romance and natural beauty that can’t be described by words, it is simply something you have to see for your own eyes. Above all, this once small fishing village, is within just a couple of hours of some of the world’s most famous diving sites that are proved to be able to astonish even the most experienced divers.

Here is some information Hurghada’s visitors might find interesting and useful:

  • located on the West Cost of the Red Sea (around 55 km cost line)
  • symbol: mermaid (statue in Sakalla)
  • there are around 150 hotels in Hurghada
  • there are 70.000 tourists from Europe coming every week to Hurghada
  • sun is shining 99% days in the year
  • hottest months: July, August, coldest months: January, February

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